Will Bitcoin Drop Down to $5500?

Is bitcoin storming down to the $5500 levels? How is this level even probable and what may bring it about? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. Hi Allessio, Love your video's! But the bearish scenerio @ 6:40 why after C it will go up. I think it will stay low. Bitcoin is not that great after 11 years 0.3 procent is used as money the rest speculation would be better if it would be low.

  2. Come on man , people are already scared that it is at 8k$, try to make things a little postive.. Like why dont we talk about Some other coin that can help the people in a time like this, like i heard LIte and Telecoin are doing well.

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  4. In 2 weeks period, MACD never crossed down during a bull run since 2012.
    But it's happening right now. 28 october will tell the truth.

  5. Yo guys, i ve made new website about Bitcoin and its comunity, it is only few days old so be nice, i will work hard to make it better place and web where whole comunity can join toggether ?
    If u wanted to look at it, here is link : https:/bitcoinfanbase.com

  6. Very insightful of odds and probabilities, 5.5K would be a more profitable price for the whales to accumulate along with the continuation of this sideways range,we are currently in, the more times it stays and tests these levels, the more likely a DUMP increases.

  7. Hello, I like your video very much. I want to ask if I am Chinese, but my English is not very good. So, I am a member of the seminar, can I study easily?

  8. Nobody knows. Period. It could 10 bucks or some crazy stupid & baseless high for a very short period of time. It is indeed under the control of heavy market manipulators. You just ride their Yo-yo.

  9. I have positioned myself in either direction. If it goes up I will sell and if it goes down I will buy more. Either way long term I should do very well !!

  10. Why do people not explain how the coin gets to $50k by just T/A …..TUT TUT ….. BTC has very little useage at the mo – there is no news coming out – XRP has more chance of getting to $1 than BTC to $50k, just based on its usage and the companies and banks getting involved.

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