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Wrapping up 2016, we’re starting off with audio! Which phone had the best speaker performance? Which phone will do the best job powering your headphones?


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  1. wanted the xperia sony but it doesn't have a headphone jack so I stayed away. i got the s9 and I'm not happy so I'm returning now that its early. Bought it on Monday. I don't need all that emoji'stuff. I want great music and good way to film . I'm not someone for selfies so I don't care about camera, just video. My dad didn't want me to use my card so he gave me cash so I land it up getting supposedly the best phone, but the best phone is not for me and its heavy on the hand and they told me its sensitive, Gee I will have to pay another 100 something to fix it, NO THANKS

  2. I sadly just broke my Axon 7 mini but it's funny. I bought a second hand HTC One m9 so I guess I just like good dual front facing speakers.

    And also good pixel resolution, density, higher batty life, bigger size and more often than not greater Megapixel resolution for the cameras. Which are all things iPhone seem to be lacking in the sane scale in all of those categories.
    But hey that's none of my business ?

  3. I own a variety of older Flagship phones, I've got a Nexus 6 Moto X pure and HTC M8 and I think I'm most impressed with the Nexus 6 has loud stereo sound but the Moto X pure is pretty close but it doesn't seem to be in Stereo, can you comment and how mono is done through two speakers to sound nice but I'm still not hearing it and confirm for me that the Moto X pure is not stereo and the Nexus 6 is??? Thank you

  4. When i broke the power button on my Axon 7 I cried deeply, and zte's customer support is practically nonexistent, at least in my experience. Never got it repaired.

  5. The LG v20 makes sense with high impedance headphones but most who use smartphones use low impedance stuff. There are a lot of good quality headphones and IEMs with impedance of 32ohms and under. A 16 ohm set is ideal for smartphone use and doesn't need an amp that powers 300 ohms sets, that can blow it up.

    24 bit, 32bit, 96Khz, 192 KHz, quad dacs, high powered amps blah blah are all just gimmicks on a smartphone. Quality(which is subjective) is more important than these useless specs. The DAC and amp need to produce beautiful sound that can drive low impedance headsets well. Everything else is baloney.

  6. i'm sorry i had the V20 and the headphone audio was a joke. i bought the phone for the purpose of the great audio is was suppose to put out, but once i heard it for myself i returned it. the iPhone was far better, which to be honest i'm upset to say because i really wanted the V20 to be my phone.

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