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Today we’re taking a call from someone who wants my thoughts on investing in real estate / REITS …and also, Bitcoin. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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  1. Great video here. It’s obvious most influencers are just doing this for followership and would predict only for the market to take the opposite direction and I, speaking for myself would still stick to the path which has turned out to be very profitable for me irrespective of the market direction. It’s cool to hodl but what is even cooler is trading using a well-established pattern and this I do using Caleb Easterby’s signals which has helped me become a better trader and also helped me trade with about 2 btc to over 5 btc in just a fortnight. His signals are that accurate and he can be contacted on WhatsApp (+31 635250332) or Telegram (@Easterby) for all sort of crypto related assistance especially now with the recent dump.

  2. LOL, so the guy FOMO'd into BTC near the prior top (demonstrating lack of investing competence)…and now won't invest anything in an asset that is the best performer the last year, the last 5 years, and the last 10 years because he will be upset if it goes down (showing he's governed by his emotions)…sounds like an emotional gambler to me = i.e. not someone who people should be going to for financial advice. People need to do their homework. BTC will drastically improve your Sharpe ratio; i.e. it will help you "preserve capital," which this man claims to have as his #1 priority. BTC could go down in value, sure. Could go down a lot. It's highly volatile because it's in the very beginning stages of the adoption of one of the most disruptive/innovative protocols that mankind has ever experienced (it's disrupting central banking, think about the enormous ramifications there). But it's far more likely to go up long term (significantly, at that) and it's the most non-correlated asset to those assets tied to this floundering financial system. It's simply unwise not to have some at this point. If you are managing someone's wealth in any form, you are literally breaching your fiduciary duty by not having some of that wealth in BTC at this point. And not even to mention that the entire reason it's valuable is not because it's designed "to make you rich," but because it in fact is the only asset that "makes you free." It is strictly limited in supply, it is permission-less (anyone can buy some and start using and nobody can stop you), it is trustless (you do not have to use or be reliant on third parties to transact in it as this is a decentralized peer-to-peer network; use and send as you desire), cannot be inflated, cannot be seized, cannot be freezed, and cannot be confiscated (if stored properly). Find me another asset that has all those features and that I can send a billions worth in minutes, in my pajamas, on a Sunday night, to my friend in Beijing…all for a few dollars worth in fees right now.

  3. Graham earns much better and risk free return from YouTube. Why would he put in actual money into bitcoin, which is completely speculative.

  4. हे दोस्तों, मैं सिर्फ अपनी छोटी गवाही देना चाहता हूं। जब से मैं श्रीमती निकोल के पास आया हूं। व्यापार में मेरा सब कुछ बंद हो गया है। 30,000 यूरो ** +63 936 725 6896 * उसकी संख्या इस तरह की गवाही देती है जब आप के लिए अच्छी चीजें।

  5. If you’re interested in wealth preservation look into annuities and perhaps an IUL.
    The annuity will persevere your wealth and the IUL will help with providing tax free income later just like a Roth.
    Fun fact Roth’s we’re modeled after UL insurance.

  6. Real estate and stocks are for rich people to buy. Buy cryptos and take your shot. If you’re successful you could end up wealthier than all the youtubers who tell you to buy property and stocks. Lol. Buy property once you’re rich. Bitcoin, xrp, gold and silver and whatever else you want to take a risk on…. then buy property if you’re successful.

  7. I feel like this video is not going to age well. I purchased bitcoin for like $3,400 less than a year ago, watched it rise to about $11,000 and now it is sitting comfortably above $8,000. I’m pretty sure most people are going to regret not buying bitcoin.

  8. I'm glad you are not buying. It's like people saying about the Internet 30 yrs ago. Bitcoin will boom after the halving and election. Why not take a chance in bitcoin?

  9. 11:53 “$10,000 to $200,000”

    Please Graham. Look into the stock-to-flow model for bitcoin. It is a scarce asset, the code is fixed in that only 21 million coins will be created; rewarded. The 18 millionth was mined a few days ago.. it’ll take another century for the last 3 million to be in circulation. I honestly believe it can get that high in the next two years… not five. What might seem like a negligible amount to put in to you… can end up being life changing to me, especially if it ends up hitting those ridiculous returns.

    Also, aside from bitcoin, there’s a lot of potential for Ethereum’s Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) ecosystem and Ripple’s progress into the internet of value (the private company setting up the plumbing; infrastructure for XRP)

  10. Buying bitcoin is not important but having access to bitcoin is important. You people are living in a good place, imagine those living in an oppressive region where their bank accounts can be frozen at any moments. These guys are desperate to have something like bitcoin.

  11. Dont buy bitcoin. By my course. Err program….sigh…maybe you will do another video about how great btc is when it's 5x more expensive

  12. its not just an investment, if its anything to go by what they say which will eventually happen that it will transmute the dollar its self, it not how much u make of the bitcoin investment its that also it could be what money is full stop. at least putting 1 5 or 10 percent would not be so dum or risky , they say if only owning 1% of a BTC let alone 1% of ones own net worth will make u & set u apart from most that didn't have any at all.

  13. Either way Graham is gonna be pissed, just the thought of investing 100K and loosing it or not investing 100K and making 1 million…you know he's gonna be pissed, not like the joke is on him…he's gonna be pissed OFF…just saying

  14. If I ever invest in bitcoin, it won't be for the possible value increase. It will be to diversify my currency. The USD isn't necessarily doomed, but there are some red flags with it. The US is trillions of dollars in debt, and we are driving our economy through forced inflation while the price of labor barely changes due to high supply. We're pretending we're a rich country and I don't have confidence the stability of this economic culture.

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