The Best 2019 Smartphone? – ft MKBHD

25 questions with Marques Brownlee / MKBHD, including our top smartphones of 2019, as well as some…less…successful phones. For more videos about Shoe- …


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  1. Haven't bothered watching this but the best smartphone of 2019 is the 512gb 5G Note10 plus, by far. In a distant second place, so far away you may need binoculars to see it, is the S10 plus 5g, then iPhone 11 higher storage model, 64gb is an insult to customers intelligence, but then again they're iSheep. A walker in The Walking Dead is smarter. Then every other flagship before the Pixel 4.

  2. 99% people will be satisfied with the 2019 Rewind if youtube doesn't ignore pewdiepie hitting 100 M and and Mr beast planting 20 M trees

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