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  1. You know the funny thing about watching all these Bitcoin YouTube channels is the amount of b***** that goes abouthow it's going to go to the moon right this f**** day sometime this freaking minute and then as soon as you get some set back oh bitcoins going to crash. and the funniest part is how you make a joke of it all and while everybody loses money because of all the lies and emotions you play with, you're the only one who's actually making money out of all of this. But I love your content it's always been funny I always got a good laugh out of it.

  2. Yea bitcoin isn't manipulated, you are right x) !
    Today, a high number of people that own it don't even know what it is or how it works xD yet they are convinced it will go up, i admire that xD
    when i ask people that own crypto if they know what happened to cause this 2018 crash they are not able to answer, and THAT is very funny, shows how much they care about tech and logic.

    Watching a guy say "bitcoin is the future", is kind of like watching a guy say "CD's are the future with a cheap price of 14 dollars/Album", i mean, i guess paying 10 bucks a month to spotify to get acess to unlimited music selection and being able to connect from anywhere (Bassicly a better and cheaper service, not saying CD's are bad, just saying there is better for cheaper) (Classic: 100% sure of himself, but not because he understands it, because he saw another guy that was 100% sure, etc,…lol)
    i'm sure you got a tech guy telling you how much it will go up or how much you could make from advertising it.
    But as i told you many times, it will go up because companies will put it up for more, if no one buys it during those '"all time highs, where they could miss out" they wont be able to make there profit lol. mining is expenssive bruh.
    and thumbnails like this "THE MOST PROFITABLE INDICATOR REVEAVELED" with a description like this "Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice." makes me requestion everything. I know, daily, you wanna see it go up like we all do, but you are more focusing on it going up then it working.
    i mean, i'd be interrested to hear on how they will make it scale, aren't you ?
    Not being a hater just trying to be as neutral as possible.
    I still enjoy your videos but, i don't want you to turn to an ad.

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