The Best Flagship Phone of 2019? [16 Phones Tested] | The Tech Chap

What’s the Best FLAGSHIP Phone you can buy? I’m comparing 16 of the best high-end Phones of 2019 to find out which is best! I also want YOUR help choosing …


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  1. Nice comparison. I think though if you are in the UK and don't mind importing a phone there is really only 2 to go for. Both the Oneplus 7T and Oneplus 7 pro are available shipped from china at a large discount. However the slightly older 7 pro (which we know has very little to distinguish it from the 7T pro) is generally nicer than the 7T in design IMO and has some slight spec advantages in certain areas so may be worth the extra money. It is actually available for around at £410 shipped for the 6Gb/128Gb config on Chinese sites. The 7T is even less at £389. For these prices they are simply no brainer purchases. Massively undercutting their rivals. Was really disappointed that google failed to deliver on the Pixel 4, given all the shortcomings (no 4k60, poor battery, no wide camera, crippled 90hz etc) the high price just cannot be justified despite how much I love pixel cameras. But when a 7 pro or 7T are almost half the price imported it just doesn't stack up. And of course both the 7T and 7 pro also show incredible value next to the iPhone and S10/S10+ too. We also still may see improvements to GCam on the onepluses too so at least on still image quality you may be able to get some of the pixel processing experience. If google had done better then I would have said the Pixel 4/XL would have been worth the higher price but as they stand they just dont stack up. Ironically it will probably be phones from companies under the same umbrealla brand that provide the most value against oneplus, namely the Oppo reno Ace and Realme X2 pro which in many ways provide even better value, but fall a little short in low light photography and updates at the moment hence why i will probably pick up a 7 pro.

  2. S 10 5g is the best
    Battery n camera with 3.5 earphone jack up to the mark.
    Probably best selfie camera yet.
    6.7 inch great display but handy as well.
    N having 5g means u can use this phone for next 3 to 5 years easily.

  3. Best value and best phone overali is the OnePlus 7T along with Oxygen OS being the best Android software , you get the most bang for your buck. Watching this on my OnePlus 7T.

  4. I mean… battery performance and camera king is the iphone 11 pro so unless you looking for a full of gimmicks kinda phone, there is really nothing else to look at

  5. I have the 4 XL in Oh So Orange!

    Seriously, if anyone reads this, get the pixel 4 phone if your thinking about it, but get the XL for the battery and then enable dark theme, there's a science to it, you'll get amazing battery

  6. Watching this video on note 10+, its display is so beautiful. I miss the headphone jack though… and you can get so many creative wallpapers with that hole punch camera.

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