Civil War 1864: A Virtual Reality Experience, On Patrol

The opposing forces crave information on one another and both sides send troops from the relative safety of their trenches out between the lines to gain …


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About the Author: American Battlefield Trust


  1. Also oral orders where enough you'd never carry writen orders because you'd be striped if killed. Partols try to keep from ingdment when ever posbible.

  2. Wow…that was incredible! Thanks for making the effort to film this. I hope more battlefield history can be presented in such a format. Very educational!

  3. Loved it! The Content from this channel is amazing! If anyone is interested we post civil war music, its mainly from the southern perspective but here and there there's some union songs! Overall thank you to the people who run this channel! It is appreciated.

  4. I was confused as to why the person recording wasn’t looking around for longer than I’m proud to admit. I didn’t know youtube could do this! Amazing.

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