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  1. The campaign was beyond bad. I went in with high spirits just for fun and was still disappointed. You fight the same goddamn boss SEVEN TIMES. The ending was so dissatisfying and the characters were ruined throughout the cutscenes. Just awful.

  2. I loved halo 5 tbh, the mehanics that they added created so much pathways for tactical play. I felt faster, stronger, and bigger in halo 5 and it is primed for pvp. I wish the story mode didnt involve locke. I didnt care for him or his team, except for buck from odst. I felt like the missions should have been 20% locke 70% chief and 10% arbiter.

  3. I am amazed by the 9. It's campaign is pitiful and that's putting it nicely. This game's story is a spit in the face of any self respecting Halo fan

  4. I'm not hating on 343 just because it isn't bungie as a matter a fact I loved Halo Wars 2 making a nice blend between new and old art styles while having a long interesting story.

  5. I bet half of you haven't even played through the whole campaign. (Biggest waste of time, but at least it doesn't drag on as long as Call of Duty Black Ops 3's campaign.)

  6. Halo doesn’t seem deserving of its M rating its to damn tame, best game was reach because it had a simple story with purpose and was more mature

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