The Fanciest Smartphone Unboxing Experience

This is probably the fanciest smartphone unboxing experience yet. De Billas Luxury – FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES …


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  1. For this price they should have at least included some useful gears with it, like headphone, charging cable…etc to make it more unique

  2. Because of this,
    women in India are not able to buy much gold this Diwali………
    Men are still crying because now their children are asking for this gold piece…….

  3. ‘Abharana Petti’ is popular in Kerala and all over India. Traditionally these boxes are used for seasonal gifts. The box is made of wood having two concealed chambers. It is beautifully decorated with brass designs on the outer surface. The most common type of decorative box is the feminine work box. These boxes are ordinarily portable but at times, they form the top of stationery table. They are also known as a casket. Women normally keep personal ornaments such as rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets and other durable ornaments.

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