Apple's Most Impressive Product In Years..

Rumors are swirling that Apple’s most impactful product since the original iPhone is just around the corner. Subscribe for more internet + tech news.


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  1. I've been waiting for Google to implement these features every since they purchased Waze. First they got the speed limit, now this. I do hope they don't do advertising while I drive like Waze

  2. what i would love to know is how much longer time did dark mode provide vs light mode? In other words, how long did it take for the remaining 30% of battery life to finally die?

  3. Speed trap issue solved: Officers have google maps open… they get reported so they move 2 miles down the road. Catch speeders that think the speed trap is gone. Done

  4. if you cant have it overlay the real world with ar stuff and you cant manipulate it with your hands then its not ar . its just a notification system . thats what google glasses were and thats why it failed .

  5. Great show gentlemen.
    I mix Coke and coffee (50%-50%) all the time. I use Folgers med roast. A few years ago, the original Coke Black formula was Coke and black coffee.. I like it.

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