UDI U818A Crash Resistant Camera Drone

Beginners will have a hard time breaking this well protected quadcopter in a crash. Watch me crash it into a rock and keep on flying 🙂

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  1. Been watching your videos for a couple years now, good stuff. Have a question though. On your review I bought the Jumper T8SG Jumper transmitter. How do I figure out which protocol to bind with UDI or for that matter, other quads? Thanks in advance.

  2. Recently bought it for about 19$ MSRP on a sale, used 5$ toy store credit I got from choosing normal shipping once on a prime account. So, basically paid 15$ for this.
    Crashed it from a height of about 70 meters the other day. It fell on a concrete roof upside down. was easily able to locate it using the signal strength on the remote and flew it back home. One thing I really dislike about this is the way the signal strength is shown on the remote. It doesn't reduce the no of points beside the tower, just simply starts blinking like 5 meters before it goes out of range. Which is pretty frustrating and what's worse is that when I loose signal even momentarily, the video stops recording. Is it possible to improve it's range by bringing the receiver antenna inside the drone outside by using any metal extension?

  3. I just bought this cheap online for like $34 recently. I will say it is tough. dropped out of the sky 30 plus feet and still worked ok. just trim it out and take off. girlfriend cartwheeled it into ground and no problem. take off again. I have never had a drone before but this thing was a good learner.

  4. I bought this one on amazon for so cheap, and it is a top of the line toy that is indestructible relatively of course. I am now abusing it and it lives on, this is a great prop protection design but this thing is light as a frisbee. Great wind trainer. LOL

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