The Road to Making Drone Racing a Real Sport

Join me for an adventure to Phoenix Arizona for the Drone Racing Leagues race at Chase Stadium. See it through the eyes of my camera as I bring you along for all the fun!

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Recommended Motors: (My original design, still the most efficient motor out there!)
Hypetrain Acro 2207 2450KV Motor

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BULLIT Drones Xcaliber Freestyle Frame

Flown by Zoe Stumbaugh
Produced by Zoe Stumbaugh


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  1. Personally, I liked your coverage of the freestyle event in Colorado better. I don't find racing interesting . What did they do to the clouds at 2:10? Cool effect.

  2. I appreciate the extra editing goodies Zoe has been throwing in . That ish takes some time to learn how to do and then implement. But totally worth it imo. I will take quality over quantity any day with my FPV content.

  3. Sick Edit, Madam!!! Love the trippy flight video editing at the beginning. It's Zoe Original. I couldn't stop laughing at Cricket at the beginning sounding like some Rudy Ray Moore Flow (0:40). Nice rip around the DC-6's in the boneyard there. I used to be an US Air force Crew Chief (Aircraft Mechanic) and still loves anything that flies. Look forward to the next one!!!

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