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  1. This game has the potential to be the. Best cod title we have gotten from the MW series ever, as long as they work with the constructive criticism?

  2. That's not call duty modern warfare because cold anymore about fire was college duty four modern warfare then they made modern warfare two so this is not call duty this is something new so don't compare it to the original call of duty's or whatever because if you compare this game call of duty four modern warfare then you're wrong

  3. Visuals 10/10, Campaign is awesome but very short and the actual story is a bit weak but plays great, spec-ops is all round sh*t in comparison to MW2/3, multiplayer is a chaotic mess that needs some serious gameplay tweaks ASAP

    The clunky, slow paced, 'tactical' gameplay is amazing in the campaign but doesn't cross over well to CoD based PVP imo

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