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  1. Wow, I might have been more inclined to trust this as a worthy successor to Kubrick's movie if I'd been told ahead of release that anyone involved with Hill House was a part of production. So impressed by that show.

  2. I saw it last night. It's definitely worth seeing and the smaller use of throwbacks to the original film gives the new one a chance to shine. Skip the new Terminator and see this one!!!

  3. Dunno looks too epic, glossy and hollywood. Kubricks shining is authentic, real and perfect. I'll give this one a shot but I don't think the haunting of hill house holds a candle to The Shinning.

  4. Saw it last night. Was great when they followed the Doctor Sleep novel, but when they tried to recreate Kubricks Shining world is started to feel like one of those digital fan made films.

  5. I went to the actual premiere, and honestly there is one scene in the movie that was like WOAAAAHHHHHH! It’s honestly a must see guys !

  6. Hmmm. I seem to remember disliking this particular novel quite a bit. It's like King doesn't have any idea how to do a proper sequel! (See: Black House as well, sequel to The Talisman.) In each case, the new one had almost 0% to do with the original – besides superficial terminology (aka – "the shine"). I'll probably watch this new movie, then if I'm impressed, I may go back and give the novel another read, just in case I was too hard on it the first time around for not being enough like the original may-be. To be fair, Black House did end up growing on me quite a bit in the end.

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