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  1. This does not look like diablo or any of the things i love.
    excessive weapon swapping? black barbarian (nothing against black but playing as the same barb from D1 to D3 being the same person why change it?) only 3 classes?
    (I get it, like diablo 1 with the 3 classes but why when in this case more is better)

  2. it would've been hilarious if you started out with "I just went hands on with Diablo 4, right here on my phone. Just kidding." etc At least that's what came to mind with your phone in hand.

  3. Blizzard President: I need to announce Diablo 4 now, so why don't I apologize for suppressing Hong Kong, without mentioning a single word of "Hong Kong" so that I can keep earning Chinese money?

  4. If I can't play offline outside of that whole shared open world thing, I doubt I will not be interested. I hate shared open worlds. Completely breaks my immersion

  5. As long as the Necromancer is in I may go so far as to say redemption is in order? It looks fantastic. I hope they start listening now, allot of damage has been done and some won't forgive so easily but if things keep on moving in this mature dark and evil direction (LIKE WE SAID IT SHOULD…) blizzard might be surprised. All I have is a fools hope.

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