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  1. I've had zero hype, not that I think it looks bad some cringe dialogue aside. It can be hard to tell if the review is bad or the game is bad, I mean Call of Duty's worst will still get a 7/10 at the end of the day.

  2. I actually agree, especially for this type of game. You really just can't give it a "?/10"… you need to instead show WHO it's catered for. What's especially misleading about scores like that, again especially for this game, is that there's little thing to go off on, gameplay wise.

    On the topic of the gameplay being repetitive. I do think it really fits Kojima's style of thinking.
    I don't think that Reedus is delivering stuff for nothing. From the trailer, it does seem like he's doing something crucial for the recovery of the world. Like, the pep-talk to him was something like "there's ?(forgot the term) out there, you've got to connect them, you've got to rebuild the world." again something along those lines.

    But unlike other games wherein you do what, like 2 quests and then BAM the world is fixed. I mean, from the looks of the world, it's entirely gone to shit. You just can't expect to do 1-5 things and have it fixed… It's like going to trash filled rivers and expecting picking up 2 pieces of straw will make the river clean. You get me?

  3. "If I had the world of Fallout… But, somehow UPS, Amazon and FedX could fuck up the packages even then, that's what the game would be". Isn't that the plot of New Vegas?

  4. People are pissed because IGN Japan, IGN Spain and the other IGN in the world gave the game a fair score also many other gaming sites gave a fair score too. So to me, people are not pissed because they're fanboys, they're pissed because IGN is giving a low score just to create hate-bait and have more views on their review.

  5. I'm not a fanboy and I never expected it to be a 10/10, but 6.8/10 sounds ridiculously low. On top of that, Games Journalists have a reputation for being unprofessional shills, and my immediate thought is "how much did he get paid from Konami to hate on Kojima?" when I heard about the review. Now I'm saying that half jokingly, but the point is why do people take IGN seriously, when you see shit coming out of them like "7.8/10 too much water". They get review copies, fans listen to what they say, and they make purchases based on a number which is ridiculous, as stated in this video. The number is meaningless, arbitrary, etc. But it's still used, so at the very least we should expect, as customers and readers, that a media outlet should be consistent, professional, et cetera. And while I get that a lot of the outrage at the 6.8/10 is fueled by fanboys, there's still legitimate concern when people question this is a 6.8/10, but Ring Fit for Nintendo Switch is a 7.8/10? Gears 5 is a 9/10? BL3 is a 9/10? These are all similar repetitive boring games. Ring Fit is literally a running simulator as well.

  6. Review scores are pretty trash (a lot of game reviews aren’t great either) and IGN is pretty famous for giving pretty bad reviews and review scores

  7. Oops can't criticize a Kojima game, thats heresy. Gamesradar and Vg24/7 even make extremely valid complaints in their review, some of which are in the IGN review as well.
    I hate the Gaming sites with a passion but valid criticism with gameplay shown of that criticism is valid regardless of who the developer is.
    This is one case where I can't trust the words of most youtubers like Yong who has been shilling for the game for over a year and skill up who has done the same.

    Maybe an ACG review and his points will get me to tip over. But it looks extremely boring to play and progression happens through fetch quests – that is fact.
    Devs in 2019 are trying to work around fetch quests, add character to them or even avoid them completely. Here we are criticizing people who point that fetch quests are boring.

  8. muta do you think this game is a little over hyped it just feels like a mgs4 where people buy the shit out of it and love it then years later relise its bad

  9. Tbh personally im not hype over it, never been, it looks interesting and i like the theme, but that's about it. I hope it does well, cause i'd be way more interested in them making their horror game since Konami cucked them.

  10. Idc but if Death Strandings is a 6 then isn't every naughty dog game also a 6? Like they're both boring to play from what the reviews are saying but at least Death Stranding has actual artists involved while Naughty dog just gets people who write shitty Y.A novels and ripoffs or established franchises. Like I don't really bother with reviews to begin with but they don't seem very consistent. It's like the way they keep giving sports games good scores even tho the people who love the irl sport say it's garbage.

  11. Subjectivity allows for people to see flaws where other people don't, and vice versa. Saying that a game shouldn't be a 10/10 because of faults that you see in the game is a categorical error insofar as you mean that the game should not objectively get a 10/10. Saying that a person's positive opinion shields them from fairly apprehending flaws only works when they are wilfully ignorant of those flaws; because otherwise these "flaws" wouldn't genuinely be regarded as flaws according to their bias. Sometimes it is exceedingly difficult for one to see how someone else can fall in love with a game one despises, but this does not therefore mean that this someone else is being unfair in their opinion of the game, for objective faults are only objective in a relative, not absolute, sense.

  12. People don't want to play a fun game anymore, everyone just wants to feel like they're playing a good game just by how much workpower has been put into the visuals and narrative aspects. You can make a game while it's a movie if you want but if it's no fun why bother?

  13. Ign: this game has amazing graphics, amazing physics, top notch story! Now, on to the review! 3.5

    Ign: time to review cod! Pretty bland graphics, glitches, shit gameplay. 1 million/10!!!!!!

  14. Death Stranding isn't gonna be everybody's cup of tea because it's something new and not just another generic open world looter-shooter.

    After the game's been ripped off to death by other developers, and a few adjusting in the gamer brain, people will finally start to realize the true appeal of this game. And that's when people will start to feel the need to quench their thirst for some Death Stranding-y game.

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