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  1. I don't understand why the Bakt news is bullish, why would I want to use by bitcoin to pay for some crappy coffee? Who would?

  2. Nice 1 Sunny! It would be pretty cool if a trusted crypto Youtuber explained how exactly "they" can manipulate the price of gold, and IF this can happen to BTC too. It seems that everyone is scared sh*tless about the inevitability of the same thing happening to BTC, but most of us lack the knowledge to have an informed opinion. But where can we find such trusted crypto Youtuber who knows trading…lol. (IMHO they can't tame BTC.)

  3. Starbucks news is not bullish you can buy star bucks with third party apps and cards already..

    I would only pay with btc if the place actually sold and took payment in btc but only to strengthen the blockchain I wouldn’t be buying nothing big just small transactions with it or for ordering online..

  4. Bitcoin is not anonymous and therefore I recommend transferring every transaction through a bitcoin mixer. bitcoinblender(.)pro

  5. I think it's too early to tell, the price could form a bigger triangle or flag and trade sideways for a while longer before breaking out. Just two data points for the bottom and top side of the triangle is not enough to speak about a definite pattern here that requires an imminent breakout. I'm thinking sideways movement for a week or two here.

  6. i am not getting this, someone help, so if we get able to pay Starbucks with bitcoin, that means 1 bitcoin will be as cheat as just enough to buy a cup of coffee? or a coffee will be like 0.00000003 bitcoin per cup?

  7. I just think there is nothing organic about the latest pump…& it never ceases to amaze me that people try to explain it away as perfectly normal. The Chinese statement was not for BTC but for Blockchain. Plus if the people of China really were bullish then it would be more than a momentary pump…unless you think all the people of China reacted positively at the same moment then collectively stopped a few hours later. Now we're calling this consolidation…but to me the price is simply being help up, because naturally it would fall. The news did not create this pump…the news was used to 'hide' this pump. Manipulation like this doesn't do BTC any favours. Infact it throws more doubt on BTC's stability & integrity. BTC is quite obviously manipulated to a ridiculous level. How can BTC ever be trustworthy enough for widespread use? Would you recommend your grandmother take her retirement savings & put it into BTC? Probably not because it's to vulnerable to manipulation, & nobody really knows who's pulling the strings. Decentralised sounds nice but in reality it simply allows the well funded crooks of this world to extort the f*#k out of it.

  8. When btc and altcoins take over as the peoples elected method of exchange and a secured method of elections have been stabilized by the people for governance. Folks will be wishing they just bought a little btc when their dollar was still worth anything

  9. I just KNEW China was going to reveal a digital currency when that blockchain news was revealed. I just didn't think it would be so soon…. But it'll get people searching, and some of those Chinese citizens trying to avoid further censorship.

  10. If market was actually manipulated in 2017 by the U.S. Gov. to bring down the Bitcoin bubble as we are now being told, then seems the 8900. gap will get filled.

  11. I don't believe market is headed bullish immediately. This is a sideways consolidation for about 4 months here….I expect a fall to 8.5k ….then a slow grind back up for 4+ months

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