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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. No one – including this guy – knows what is going to happen ten minutes from now. it's a farce. I've lost count of the number of "experts" earnestly giving their over-the-moon forecast for their long-passed timeframes. Why do we treat one correct forecast out of many as validation of anything? It's probably related to that study on our obsession with checking phone messages – the next one might be important.

    BTC can't be predicted because, as Tom Lee pointed out, 90% of its gains come in just 10 days of the year. The other 355 days we drop 25%. Huge advances must coincide with those 10 days and that's hit or miss. Just a few months ago the "experts" were convinced $15k was here – soon / by this weekend / by Monday. Two weeks ago they swore it was going down to $6k or $k or #1k. After the one day runup it was back to $50,000 by 2021 or $20,00 by January. Volume dropped and so did price. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. Btc was free to roam on the weekend. When the futures exchanges open again on monday theyll set their spot price slightly lower the real spot price and continue this to drag that btc price down, down, down, down. One day futures volumes will be so great btc will never go up again without the futures owners permission. Thr futures spot price is fake news. I hope im wrong.

  3. I know Kevin's channel from long time, and a subscriber from day one. Were other analists mix up their hope or whishes vs analysing the charts, Kevin stays always realistic and until now his forecasts are very accurate.

  4. Lets not be idiots, there are tons of predictions out there. Someone WILL eventually “predict” what Bitcoin is going to do?‍♂️

  5. I’ve been watching Kevin for a while I appreciate you giving him credit he’s always on point he said it would form like a “U” and what exactly happened stop following guys like “Mitch” that just want donations!!!!!!!!

  6. Bo Bolny is my hero! Thank you for sharing Kevin Svenson I will follow him. I love your channel you are one of the top guy for your over all content and the love you give to other YouTubers.

  7. Has anyone read that CIA DOC that came out about Cryptos… I guess even if the US Dollar crashes they will still be able to control the Currency because its their Tech…idk im just saying we need to be investing into everything u never know.!

  8. Carl the Moon totally called everything that is happening right now… including this HUGE pump. You need to give Carl a little more cred dude.. he has been on a big winning streak lately.

  9. I guess now we have a call to approximately15000-16000 $ on
    December , but we also have another call to 12200$ – 12500$ on April 2020 than After all of this Bitcoin maybe break the all high price of 19000 $ , who agrees with me ?

  10. Suppoman is right, most youtubers like you are only interested in shilling your bullshit bybit and other referral links. 99% of crypto youtubers are just plain shit and are exactly what this space does not need. Thats includes you sunny.

  11. did he call the pump today? nope… anyone being negative all the time and predicting price go down will always end up right… call price going up and make ppl money then we claim he is so great

  12. a bart was expected since sept 23 drop, awesome calls from Mr Svenson, forget about suppoman he is just another crypto pumper, crypto needs usage and adoption not ppl holding for ever and not using it, good to hear him again crying about his lost because crypto doesnt need ppl pumping scam coins

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