BITCOIN TO $16,000 THIS MONTH? Yeah… Right – Here's What You Need To Know

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In this video, we discuss a 4chan user’s price prediction for a $16,000 Bitcoin by the end of October. Will this prediction come true? Or will it flop? We discuss this in the video.

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  1. Talked about the prediction of btc/usd prices. A Fibonacci retracement and extension is the way to go on an ABCD pattern where A equals the Lowest Low, B equals the Highest High and C equals the deepest retracement, the lowest Low from B to A. So, in fact, the future D price will be at 20460.73 (I used A as the lowest low in the recent consolidation before the bear trend.

  2. Hi Jebb! I loved the outro music of your old videos (I got a real good feeling) and that was my reason to watch too the end through your course advertisement (which I don't need to listen to as I'm in your course already :)). It really gave me a good feeling 🙂 hope you're switching back to that outro again! By the way: love your content! I watch it every morning when having breakfast 🙂 greetings from Tenerife/Spain

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  4. Still in a macro bear trend. Just another lower high when you look at big picture. Could even just be a dead cat bounce from the 14000 high this summer. But if it can clear 10,400 roughly then anything is possible in my opinion.

  5. Bitcoin is a joke. Only greedy people mess with that fake money like in the stalk market. Miners waist so much electricity that can be better used with people who actually work in life for a living compared to greedy bitcoiners watching the value of their fake money coin value. I guess it is no harm with that crowd of greedy people playing around with their monopoly money. Haha

  6. Thanks Jeb. Most people thought we were going down to 6800 or 6000, even lower before this pump. Then we had the biggest gains in history since 2011. Never underestimate the power of FOMO, we could definitely hit $16K within a week but I wouldn't bet my bank on it…. Just a bit of it! ?

  7. Great video here. I, speaking for myself still stick to my path which has turned out to be very profitable. It’s cool to hodl but what is even cooler is trading using a well established pattern and this I do using Glen Morley’s signals which has helped me become a better trader and also helped me trade with about 2 btc to over 5 in just a fortnight. His signals are that accurate and he can be contacted on Whatsapp: +19092833663 and Telegram @ Gmorley for his guided assistance in trading cryptocurrency

  8. The big pump has broken the market structure of the bearish trend. I would like to see some consolidation around $9k. But the next parobolic phase is very possible, especially if there's a daily close above $10k

  9. +1 subscriber! Keep up the good faith attitude! the last 90secs of monologue, was genuine and heartfelt! Glad you are doing something you love!

  10. For BTC, all & every TA failed. Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, MacD, SMA, Candle Stick, RSI, nothing works. It's just wasting time. Not a single Analyst ever came close to any price prediction.
    Every body with possible, may be, if, it could be, either goes up or down.
    Hahahahaha, who doesn't know that.
    That's why, I always say, "Give me the
    News, I will give you the Charts".

  11. The problem with predicting price action now with the past is that people has learned about that. For example they have learned that bitcoin is not going to 0. And the pull back is around 80% from the top. Meaning that people are willing to lose in the short term to take big profits later. So the bottom was now around 3000. Also from last pullback there was a fake out, now it is not because bitcoin is not going to 0. Also different is that a 40% is less likely because people are getting smarter and less scared because they know it is going up in the long term. Bitcoin can still be overheated in the short term but around 30% drop the experience / smart players are going to buy big. How big bitcoin will grow no one knows but it is for sure the the halving is a big boost in price, people are calculating that event… My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Richard's program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 9btc in just 3 weeks. You can reach him on Telegram @Richywilliam or WhatApp: +1(925)222-2731.

  12. Keep in mind guys…..There is a gap in the charts at I believe the $8600……We will need a correction to the $8600 guys….settle down and wait for the dip….

  13. If BTC reaches $16k in the early part of November, will anyone claim that the prediction was wrong? BTW, as alluded to in the video, my feeling is that he was just guessing based on fractals.

  14. U definitely help people understand the crypto currencyarket without going through all the learning without all learning u had go through:)

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