Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Test

Samsung have been well known for their batteries, whether in a good or bad light. When it comes to our best smartphone batteries the Samsung Galaxy S7 …


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  1. useless comparison when u admit from the start u aren't testing both s7 edge and s8+ on the same resolution, dumbass… and that browsing the exact same pages over and over lol u just made the video into a time loop, useless fake comparison!

  2. i didnt even know the battery was so good on the s8 plus. i just knew the phone itself was awesome. i just upgraded and was blown away that the phone just lasted, and lasted, … and … lasted

  3. first you put the phone in 1080p and compares it with the s7 edge on qhd, then you put the s8plus on the wireless charger and there you have,,,, the allmighty flagship ,….. c'mon guys!

  4. It's an interesting result. I've heard various different opinions on the S8's battery life from new users, but one observation seems clear: the battery life is better than expected, given the increase in display size without the increase in battery size. The new processor appears to bridge the gap, and maybe then some.

    Regarding the iPhone 7 Plus, it appears well back on your rankings list, but based on what I hear from actual users, it has great battery life.

  5. i dont believe the s8 plus has a better battery than the huawei mate 9 you are the only person to say this most reviews say it has quite a poor battery life where as the huawei mate 9 has amazing battery life the fact it has a bigger battery too

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