I Tried INVESTING in Bitcoin for a YEAR – Beginner Crypto

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I Tried INVESTING in Bitcoin for a YEAR – Beginner Crypto
Just bearly broke even ?

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  1. japan has legalized cryptocurrency and by next year it will keep getting legalized in different places making it increase in value and leaving some left out of this and the rich will get richer… i already took advantage of the time and invested $40,000 with professional help from Mrs Nancy Berman Epstein which gradually rose to $380,000 in few months…she handles my trades and she's also quite well known in the states

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  3. Bitcoin is setting a pace and it’s quite fast. The best thing to do now is to accumulate as much as you can so as to take advantage of the upcoming mooning. I mean imagine having at least 15 btc when the price hits $20,000 and that’s part of what I learnt from Lovatt Norton. I am currently trading with signals provided by Lovatt and I have grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc. His signals are sound, accurate and most importantly easy to implement in your trade. Caleb can be reached through whatspp +19497672504 or Telgram @Lnorton08 for insights into all crypto related affairs.

  4. You want to see a gigantic bitcoin mining facility, go to Iceland. I won't disclose the location, but you can get cheaper electricity out there than you would in the US.

  5. Word of warning to everyone who hasn't done proper research into Bitcoin system:
    BTC is NOT the actual Bitcoin any more, it has been changed into a SegWit based Altcoin and made useless (it can never be mass adopted) by developers who indirectly work for bankers
    Please look into BSV and that is the actual Bitcoin, feel free to watch few of my videos where I explain what Bitcoin is about, how it works in principle level (not going into coding) and history of 2 hijackings and chain splits, which has mislead most people, and in effect scammed lot of people. This is not a shill comment, if you have already or are thinking about putting your money into BTC or some other altcoin, you should take my advice seriously.

  6. Bitcoin is a Long term hold … I disagree buying bitcoin is NOT gambling. It Hard money, deflationary and a hedge against the US dollar. You say these things because you don't know how money really works. You don't understand our current money system. Since BTC's inceptions is up 1 Million percent. The best performance asset in the entire market. You're going to miss the boat. Everyone should own at least a little BTC in their portfolio. Wow – Amazing.

  7. there is a safe digital currency used around the world, its called the us dollar… bitcoin is a commodity backed by nothing, the dollar literally has more value just in its physical paper lol

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