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  1. How many drones have these guys gone though to get them shots. I’m sure there is a mounting of drone parts scrambled on the floor. But yeah when I use Mavis pro 2 and the fpv goggles I get that adrenaline rush it’s actually scary

  2. Legend for showing FPV man ? I have been flying FPV for 2 years now and it's insane how many things you have to learn and get good at e.g. the building the drone, learning to fly then putting clips together. The pro's in the space are seriously talented people ?

  3. Now go and buy one and see how fucking hard it is to fly full acro ! The mavic flys itself basically!! I think you should definitely do a video of you trying to fly dude

  4. I have a drone that can film and this has definitely inspired me to start using it. I just need to learn how to control it properly first ?

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