Samsung Galaxy Fold REVIEW | The best phone you shouldn't buy

Our hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold: The Galaxy Fold delivers a ‘wow’ factor that no other phone offers today, and yet we’d only recommend it to …


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  1. Honestly, I think this phone will be more like the original iPhone than Google Glass. Google Glass wasn’t really paving the way forward for anything, as it relied on a glorified HUD system rather than any sort of AR functionality. The original iPhone, on the other hand, changed how we saw and used smartphones forever. With its introduction, everyone had to either get on the multitouch bandwagon or risk getting obsolete like Blackberry. Considering the fact that there are many other smartphone makers developing foldable phone technology and the software support is increasing, I think that the Fold will be seen as yet another turning point in how we use our phones, when smartphones became more than simple calling and multimedia devices

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