Top Camera Smartphones of 2019 – Every Budget 10k to 1L+

Samsung #RedmiK20 #AppleiPhone Enter the Redmi Note 8 Giveaway – In today’s video we are going to take a look at the best camera …


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  1. Well, the Asus 6Z is now available for 28K. That makes it a direct competitor to Redmi K20 Pro and not phones around 35K.
    And for that price, the 6Z is a solid buy. I have both the above phones in the house so I can tell the difference. Redmi just doesn't beat the processing on the Asus 6Z.

    Just my two cents. Love C4Etech!

  2. I believe Realme XT is way better than Note 8 Pro. So many comparisons but still Redmi Note 8 Pro was mentioned. Nobody ever talks about the laggy camera app of Mi. With time passes by it becomes pathetic daya by day and end up being a camera software which makes the handset wasteful because of this issue. And nobody resolves it. Not even the service center.

  3. Now I am pretty sure most of these youtubers are infacted vd Cheap chinese brands yet they don't even talk abt the true flagship of all time #LG .. what abt LG G7 thinq n latest LG g8s . Lg g8s elegantly beated pixel 4xl. But still they do not talk. I am really disappointed to such youtubers.

  4. No camera array comes closer to Huawei + Leica engineered camera array. Huawei Tops the DxOmark chart and there is a reason for it. The kind of hardware they put in such thin smartphone is outstanding work done. People gotta understand that between the fight of Hardware (Huawei) vs Software (Pixel / iPhone),It's the Hardware that wins every single time.

  5. Hey man!! I really need to ask you something. I wanted to know that who'll win the camera comparison between Nokia 6.1 plus(gcam) and Redmi note 8(gcam) in primary cameras??? Please can you help me out here??Really..

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