Beginners Guide To Virtual Reality – Which Headset Is Right For You?

I give you a beginners buyers guide to Virtual Reality. I explain why now is a great time to get into Virtual Reality and go through the pros and cons of the best VR …


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  1. Questions for anybody who has a quest:
    I'm thinking of getting a oculus quest soon but I'm wondering how much on average are the games are? Want to make sure I have enough to buy it and a couple of games

  2. if you have a VR ready PC but want to get the quest, get the Rift S. I my self just built my new PC and it is VR ready so I am saving for a Rift S. On PC you get more games, better graphics, AND you dont need to download a bunch of things JUST for mods and games off Hope this helps people looking for a VR headset but have a VR ready PC. The Rift S is the same price as the quest 64 Gig but with whatever space you have, say 1TB, that will be even more games for you to download and enjoy.

  3. The only time I tried VR was in a shopping mall demo. The big downside was the screen door look to the video. Like staring at an old TV from 2 inches away. That was several years ago. What have they done with screen resolution these days and does it fix the screen door look?

  4. I'm a little stuck up on choosing a headset, and I would be glad to get some input from you. I don't know how to phrase these kind of things shortly, so this may be a little lengthy.

    I was originally plannin to go with the Quest, as I had never had a headset before, but the lack of games and modding capability without a PC stopped me. I'm now wondering if I should just get a PC to go along with it. But with the Link announced, i am once again reconsidering. In your opinion, would it be best to purchase the Quest, try it out, and eventually save up for a PC and the Link, or to just go with something else?

  5. Great video as usual…but I think it's time that 3dof devices shouldnt be labelled as VR and lumped in with 6dof headsets..I can imagine a lot of people are going to pick up the oculus go and because of its branding assume it's the full experience

  6. Quest if you dont have a good pc, or if you like the portability, rift s if you want some better graphics, and you don't mind the chord going to your pc, vive pro and valve index if you have a lot of money to spend, and want "the best" there are problems with the index like some of the analog sticks being faulty on the knuckles controllers.

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