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  1. I haven't even seen the video but what was written in the thumbnail made me remember the fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin. AMD has the high ground.

  2. that literally happened !! a message came in that i was waiting for and it never came. I finally got it and it was way too late.. Looks like i need to end some lives for fucking mine up so nicely.

  3. I was sitting here studying for my Applied math final tomorrow (it is currently 4 am). Saw a Techlinked episode and clicked on it out of curiosity. Then Linus greets me like this 0:00. Thanks Linus.

  4. The fun part: We had the same in Germany. O2 bought E-Plus and now we also have 3 carriers. So, why should the US have more competition than we have? ^^

  5. The steam cloud gaming thing is what steam has always done with games that use their own launchers basically. Now you can have origin and Uplay, on top of steam, through the cloud!

  6. I'm over here shaking my head. Does no one remember FX, the AM Series or Bulldozer? AMD gets there first but Intel has always passed them back with a better innovation on what they started. Nothing right now has proven to me that the poles have reversed. Intel has been dominant for a reason. AMD has just made Intel wake up and get back to doing what it does best versus these crummy incremental refreshes every year.

  7. Interesting. In our country a company isn't allowed to just put you on a new plan with an increase in price. It's against our Consumers Guarantee Act. Even if a company had monopoly

  8. Damn, capitalism sure seems like a thing worth protecting. Every damn company seems like a slimy piece of shit that just tries to make as much money as possible for the least amount of effort and spending while completely screwing the consumer over by not even offering a worthwhile service. Every time I criticise capitalism anywhere, americans jump at me like I just insulted them personally.

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