Bitcoin BAKKT Update | John McAfee Bitcoin Prediction, Ripple XRP, Electroneum, Ethereum, BTC News

Record of 1,756 #Bakkt #Bitcoin Futures contracts traded

Groundbreaking RippleNet Home is Here #Ripple #XRP

Groundbreaking RippleNet Home is Here

#Ethereum Istanbul #HardFork Expected Soon

Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Expected Soon Bounty: $5000 #Enjin Coin Rewards, Multiverse Quests, and Rewards SDK #ENJ

#Electroneum Airtime Top-Up Feature Now in Africa #ETN

Electroneum Airtime Top-Up Feature Now in Africa

#McAfee Still Believes in Bitcoin #JohnMcAfee

McAfee Still Believes in Bitcoin

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  1. Fuck xrp, fuck ripple, fuck brad
    Xrp ===> scam
    Dumping & Dumping & Dumping
    Dumping & Dumping & Dumping
    Dumping & Dumping & Dumping
    Swell ===> garbage show

  2. So I haven't seen McAfee "eat his dick" yet from the last so-called "guarantee" he made about Bitcoin last year. I use to think he was interesting; now I think he's a clown.

  3. Nice coverage of Electroneum’s latest launches in Africa. With their TaskSchool, AnyTasks platform and ETNeverywhere programme, 2020 is primed to be a massive year for them and their user acquisition.

  4. There is no other project building a foundation, platform or use case to the degree of Electroneum for financial inclusion for the entire globe. Many projects claim they are working toward the same mass adoption goals, but none are actually doing what is necessary to carry it out. ETN is going to be a household name in the next 5-10 years on a global scale.

  5. Better be filling those bags of LTC, it's outperforming BTC since Dec 2018, many will fail within the next year… don't be caught holding the wrong bag.

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