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  1. Dc makes great games as they have WB games to back them up. Disney is rubbish at games and fail opportunity for marvel. Sony save marvel games.

  2. I have to say it, Spiderman PS4 is the best superhero game 100%, better narrative than every Arkham game and way more fun in everyway than Arkham Knight

  3. So how does this sound:
    a Silver Surfer open universe game where you fly around as Galactus' herald finding planets for him to devour. Maybe you are attempting to lead him to non-sentient worlds, but if you can't find one in time he will devour the nearest world sentient or not. This can lead to different branching paths and even multiple endings as various planets and alien species are saved or wiped out.
    His powers will upgrade and develop as he learns more about them, just like they did with the actual character in the comics as he learned about the power cosmic.
    You come across the Kree, Shiar, the symbiote home world, the Brood, plus tons of other features and at some point you will discover earth and the fantastic four and other heroes and have to defend it from Galactus. You're then trapped on earth for awhile before you learn how to break free, then you travel the universe gaining power in order to confront Galactus and attempt to destroy him.
    Personally, I want it.

  4. Maximum Carnage.
    I'm reading the graphic novel right now and it literally takes pages from the comic and brings them to life in the game.
    Plus, the levels are themed perfectly to the story. You really feel like your playing through the comic.
    Now remaster it and make the movie. Please.

  5. While most people knock on Arkham Origins, I would suggest that any interested parties not skip out on the game. I preferred it’s story to almost any other story from the Arkham series, and it had some terrific cutscenes.

  6. Spider man 2 should have been on this list a mot of what spider man ps4 is taken from that game and just perfected and imo spider man 2 besides goldeneye is the best movie video game

  7. My favourite out of the Arkham franchise is Knight. Deathstroke boss fight could have been done better and thats it. I hear people complaining about more use of bat-mobile but fail to realise that Gotham was at war and i loved every second of it honestly.

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