Why Has Nobody Thought Of This Before?

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the latest Surface product from Microsoft. It features a thin and light design, integrated pen holder, tactile keyboard accessory and …


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  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a almost same concept with the s pen placement on the case cover.. Both are good but the Surface I think is better

  2. When talking about specs, I think it's important for Lew to go over the audio specs. Having Dolby Atmos or other premium audio support is important for me when purchasing a laptop.

  3. I believe if this laptop/tablet were cheaper, it would completely replace the traditional notebooks and pens and pencils and hence stop the cutting of trees and increase in plastic waste. Just putting a point out there.

  4. If it's a ARM processor, how are they claiming that 95% of applications will work with it? Did they design some kind of a x86 emulator? If they did that's great. Also do they mean Windows store Apps or classic desktop applications. Windows desktop programs are made for the x86 and it's derivatives. I wish they covered that part in more detail.

    Edit: Just did some Googling. Using the WOW64 emulation it can run most x86 32 bit programs but not 64 bit programs unless the latter has a native ARM64 port.

  5. It won't run x64 apps, which could be important for some people. But, hopefully that will improve as more apps get ported to 64 bit ARM. If Microsoft would build out the Linux Subsystem so it could run all Linux apps, including GUI apps, this would be unbeatable.

  6. But everybody says that surface pro x is a very bad option to switch to. It's even worse than Surface because of the ARM departure. I mean Dave Lee demonstrated quite nicely.
    It's so odd that this video seems to be in a complete opposite lane.

  7. Because it's a stupid design for a pen. That pen is weirdly shaped meaning it will cause your had fatigue if you hold it for longer then 10 minutes.

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