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  1. Xiaomi is fighting a losing battle. Realme can afford to sell at lower profits than Xiaomi because of the heavy profits on its Oppo, Vivo and One Plus brands. Xiaomi is trying to bridge this by showing ads in the UI (so is Samsung) and this is not going down well with the people. I hate Realme's Color OS but I still got two of my relatives a Realme 3 Pro just because of the sheer power of the midrange chipset performance it gives at ₹10,000 – $150

  2. I'm a UK samsung customer who's fed up with Samsung phones slowing down within a year… will either buy a Oneplus 7T for the the specs an OS or Realme X2 Pro for the specs an Price. ?so it's not just India taking notes.

  3. Lol
    Not surprised to see that apple isn't in the top 5.
    It proves that people who buys phones in here has proper brains and not just fanboy and logo runner.

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