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  1. I know a lot of people are sensitive to Spoilers so if you're going in blind please wait until you watch. I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the game. I'm not the reviewer, but so far I'm having a great time! – Destin

  2. Some cluncky animations that hurts my eyes, like it skipping frames, not smooth.
    i also noticed some camera problems that shouldent be in 2019, but maybe it will be a solid game.

  3. Whatever score IGN decides… I'd honestly be OK with them inflating it a little just to send a clear message to EA and Disney that these are the games we want.

  4. I see alot of walking forward? Sides blocked off? Way worse then death stranding.. so why is that bad but this is ok? And why is no one talking about this wasted opportunity i mean.. what do we get? Just imagine what amazing games we would have without EA 🙁

  5. Idk, this gameplay kind of turned me off of this game. Looks kind of boring. Also I wish you were stronger in this game, or combat was crazier. I love the force unleashed games, specifically for how strong the force is. I barely noticed that in this game no one ever picks something up and throws it at an enemy. So I'm assuming you can't do that. Yeah you can pick people up but what about objects just to toss at enemies? Wouldn't make sense if you can't do that.

  6. I dont see why yall waiting on the reviews if you like the game just get all that matters is your opinion because everyone has their own likes and dislikes but anyway have a bless day everyone

  7. animations look a little clunky, and the graphics dont look that great either. I'm picking this up tonight at 9pm at my local gamestop. hopefully I can get past those few issues, there better be an amazing story

  8. Anyone else really weirded out by the lack of music during the big combat encounters? Not sure if that's in the final version obviously, but it's really jarring and takes me out of things.

  9. Only thing that is off putting for me is the lack of impact the lightsabre appears to have…, it's like your using the light sword from dead rising …. hopefully some modders can mod it on pc to make it appear more impactful.

  10. star wars with souls style a jedi game that not slash everything in the way but to think as a jedi when to avoid the attack , parry and timing to counter. even the developer says its got inspiration by souls game

  11. This was originally not a star wars game, but Disney threw money and added Star Wars elements. This game is a 6.5/10. It's ok but nothing to write home about.

  12. mixing console footage with PC footage is like a roller coaster ride. the boring climb to the top and then the trill of going down after climbing.

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