Ron Paul: Bitcoin vs Govt, and the coming recession?

I sat down with Dr Ron Paul, fmr Congressman and Presidential candidate, at the Litecoin Summit. This amazing man started a movement that inspired millions to look more closely at our financial system, question central banking, and he has been a strong advocate of competing currencies long before cryptocurrency came on the scene. We chat about Bitcoin, the battle between govt and crypto, and the coming recession that Dr Paul believes is inevitable.

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Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

What has the government done to our money – Rothbard

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  1. Crypto…Hold On for Dear Life ! HODL ! God's money is silver and gold . What is yours ? Check ITM Trading….youtuber…you cannot save it as fast as they print it ! WTFU !!

  2. Well said Paul, Everyone is just talking about the recession and just a few knows the meaning of what they are actually talking about. I have been investing in cryptos for about 4 years now and indeed made millions on there. I do give a strict advice to everyone invest in crypto now before it gets to late.

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  4. Everyone… Pay very very close attention to Dr. Ron Paul Sr.'s eye movements. You will notice that he took decisive glimpses of the female interviewer's cleavage

  5. China's long game (and I imagine most countries w/central banks will follow suit): future of 'currency' in China points to a hybrid of digital currency implemented with blockchain technology backed by gold (in anticipation of obtaining reserve currency status). This is exactly what China is implementing slowly beneath the scenes with the eventual goal to eliminate any of its dependency on the dollar. It will also vastly increase its surveillance and control over its population (which they are constantly increasing with new technologies like phone based payments and camera ID everywhere). I have difficulty believing any powerful government will allow cryptocurrency banking/commerce to proceed without their control and oversight (witness what happened to Libra and the abandonment of its backers as it represented a threat to governmental monetary system). IRS regulation of bitcoin taxation and exchanges is already being implemented. Bitcoin mining (not trading) has a large up front paper cost now for US citizens as a newly generated bitcoin is a capital gain at the price of discovery according to the IRS. This is why I question the veracity of any existing cryptos unless you're talking about black markets.

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