The iPhone 12 Dramatic Redesign

New renders expose a dramatically altered next generation iPhone featuring four camera modules and a throwback industrial design. What do you expect to see …


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  1. I've never owned an iPhone before. I've been a galaxy note user for thr past 5+ years. This is the only iPhone that I've truly looked forward to and would make me switch.

  2. About hand grip. Knowing that something solid is in your hand, not a slippery pop-sickle. Not a super delicate slippery porcelain dining plate in your hand feel as in "handle with extreme care" kind of worry.

    Solid sturdy iPhone.

  3. it feels good in the hand because it had sharper edges which gave grip.. the new iphones are too smooth and I always feel like they could slip out..

  4. The iPad is the only Apple product worth a damn…bought the smaller iPad Pro (I should have bought the big one) a few weeks back and found out a few days ago that I had a year’s worth of “Free” Apple TV…cool I guess…still haven’t used it.

  5. Losing face ID will be a sad day. Fingerprint unlock is nice and all but I love how face id allows you to view your hidden messages/notifications without having to fully unlock your phone by glancing at your phone.

  6. OOOUNly thing that would replace family reunion or conferences on a ''larger screen'' would be a HOWLOUgram…besides that, i see augmented glass or retina or voice and augmented combined as a more practical future…from time to time VR or regular screen to cool down….to conquer human attention (mind), most relevant ways are trough main preceptive senses : sight and hearing…but for what though :D….be advised….

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