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  1. Get the guy who did the Skyfall review back. He's fantastic. (I can tell he's a good critic because it didn't annoy me that I didn't agree with him.)

  2. I laugh so much at the Battle Royale fanboys, I read Battle Royale and saw the movie way back Hunger Games came in, and to me, Battle Royale was more like a comedy, it was so badly done, the acting was just bad and over the top, everything was exaggerated, and the characters were all predictable, any person who has watched ANY anime at all, could see how every character was an anime cliché.
    So don't come in saying "hunger games is a bad version of battle royale" because Hunger Games wasn't the best movie ever, but it was certainly better than Battle Royale.

  3. I love how Youtube's new comment system is supposed to "improve" the comment system, but when I look down at the comments below, 90% of them are from fucking retards.

  4. THE MOST OVERRATED FILM SINCE THE AVENGERS. Give it a few months, I said the same thing about bioshock infinite & the avengers. All I got back were angry comments . . . now that time has passed the general consensus is that the avengers is one of the most overrated films of the last ten years, and bioshock infinite is the most overrated game since mgs2. nobody was saying that when they first came out. so trust me. this is a massively overrated film. It has a pre-established fan base just like the other two. It takes a while for the public opinion to quell the fans and critics. 2/5. bad film.

  5. Honestly, the movie is only 2 hours and 16 minutes and for that reason I think they could've made it longer, movies can go up to 3 hours. I felt that they were really rushing to get to the games, and the games felt even more rushed as to how much they left out, it doesn't really give depth to the characters :/…but I guess I enjoyed the movie, it just bugged me that they left out important details that coudlve been used to make the movie a bit longer, The scenes with Bonnie and Twill, Haymitchs games, the deadly fog doesn't only cause blistering, it supposed to cause your muscles to go into violent spasms, and Johanna is supposed to act more hateful towards Katniss. But overall, the movie was good, it got the most important points done, just wish it could've had a bit more

  6. The movie did everything right, I just had no connection to the characters it was unbelievable, the only part I truly enjoyed was the last 15mins, and the characters going bavk to district 12


  8. If it wasn't for J-Law/Katniss, the movie would be nothing. What a brilliant character, in practically every scene, she holds the whole thing together. I thought of Harry Potter's dialogue scenes, where people explain the plot to him and he just stands there; compare that with Katniss acting on it immediately, and driving every scene forward as a result

  9. The movie was spectacular it was 90% exactly like the book the dialogue was mostly the same as in the book. It was definitely better than the first. But a few of characters from the book were not in the movie. I loved Johanna Mason 's outburst in the interviews with the tributes I would give this movie 4 1/2 stars out of 5 I can't wait for Mockingjay

  10. God I just want to watch this movie again! It was so close to the book that the couple things they left out I didn't even notice. I was so enthralled in what was on screen and the amazing acting!

  11. I have read and seen BR… before I ever read or saw the Hunger Games… It was awful and full of clichés.  People fail to realize that The Hunger Games trilogy isn't about the Games themselves more than the revolution that the people of Panem start.  It pisses me off that the Games are all anyone concentrates on! These books/ movies are about empowering people to overcome oppression and evil… if all you care about in the series is the Games you're missing the point, and are no different than the Capital citizens…

  12. Jennifer Lawrence managed to portrait the perfect Katniss in both movies so far! Her and the rest of the amazing cast not to mention the incredibly creative storyline are things that make us love this franchise so much!
    And if you don't love it, then we're not going to love you! It's as simple as that! 🙂

  13. i laugh at people who complain about hunger games having over the top acting (wich isn't true at all) and say battle royale was much better…..when battle royale from beginning to end was WAY MORE over the top!

  14. If you don't like the hunger games don't come to a review of the sequel and shit over the comments and get annoyed when people who likes the film get annoyed at you, you brought it on your self. Watch something you like or get off youtube. What are you doing on this video if you didn't like the first HG.

  15. Yeah, the first one wasn't as good as it could have been, but they've already said in other reviews that Catching Fire blew The Hunger Games out of the water.

    Hell, the TRAILERS blew THAT out of the water.

  16. This was such a good movie! Ten times better than the first one and ALMOST at par with the book! I was speechless after seeing it, PLZ go watch it now if you haven't!!!

  17. if anyone is looking for lots of thumbs up just comment on how your so confused about the success on the first movie 
    for everyone else I actually liked the first HG and thats why i'm watching HG2 tomorrow and watching this IGN review 🙂

  18. (Possible spoiler but more a question) I just saw this and I have to say I enjoyed it more than the first one, now I havnt read any of the books so if someone can tell me if in the third one there is another hunger games because the end of the 2nd movie gives me the idea that there wouldn't be.

  19. I read both battle royal and hunger games and watched both movies.
    Stop trying to sound like some special snowflake
    Battle Royal was god awful in my opinion. in both text and laughable in video format. 

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