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  1. Anybody know the name of that Ninja Turtles game that was available for download on 360? I forget what it was called but it was fun. There's a stage where ya fight karai and there are so many foot soldiers comin at ya from everywhere.

    Also Shredder and Krang trying to take over the world isn't at all what I would call "By the comic book", more like it's as by the cartoon as it gets.

  2. It's a fun game, sure it feels and sounds repetitive but why play it for four hours straight? I played one or two stage per day, and didn't seemed repetitive. Same worked for games like Spiderman Edge of Time or Shattered Dimensions, Deadpool, or even Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

  3. Stupidity, This Game Is Great, one of my favorites now, it's should be faster on pc but it;s great like this, IGN don;t know about gaming anymore, this is perhaps best game in last 6 years!!!!!!!!!

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