#Bitcoin dangerously close to the 200 DMA. Will support hold? Why Bitcoin’s settlement is revolutionary compared to fiat or gold, Square first time BTC buyers double, Fed posts job for crypto researcher, $55k BTC by 2020, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:07 Markets 〽️
6:59 Bitcoin to $55,000 by 2020:
11:16 Bitcoin not a currency?
12:17 Gresham’s law:
13:43 Bitcoin better than gold and fiat:
14:52 Square BTC purchases double!
15:26 Russia crypto law:
16:13 Fed joins the race:
16:46 Tron x Buffet lunch rumors?

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  1. I need BTC, so if you want i sell you a Bag of Luck ?, no my Situation forces me to do so. BTC: 1JW5ywRvi6Dewx6JtNK55wdYQ2VnobJNYc

  2. I dislike that people try to categorize bitcoin as either store of value, means of exchange, hedge against risk, just a gambling device, etc. Why can't we all agree it can be all of the above! Different strokes for different folks!

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