Why I Am ALL IN On Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin? & Why NOT Altcoins?

The Next Bitcoin Bull Rally Will Be Totally Different From The 2017 One.
This Is The Case For A Small Allocation To Bitcoin.

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The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin

The Next Bitcoin Bull Rally Will Be Totally Different From The 2017 One

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  1. This is why I freakin love Altcoin Daily. No BS no biases just straight facts. If I hadn’t been suspended on Twitter I’d be following them there too. Consistency is a key in this crypto world and AD has it.

  2. Like it. Love LTC and EOS and have some ETH as first mover as well. Agree BTC is the daddy and will remian. 50% of my crypto is BTC nd will be more if we ever get a run in the alts again. Keep it coming!!!

  3. Yesterdays dump was a gamechanger for me – ive finally convinced myself for buying BTC on buycoinnow.com. No one seems to believe that any altcoin might overcome Bitcoin volume. THe next bull will be absolutely huge for btc hodlers, worth to stack your coins since now

  4. Trading for Crypto is a weird part instead I prefer to Invest in Long term Stable Alt Coins with a Business Model behind it. Not for Trading but for Holding and using them as a Regular Money for my needs. Because, the World is going to Accept Crypto for everything very soon. Just give it some time. Think differently

  5. China may be developing a gold backed cryptocurrency. China has the capacity to pull off a 51% attack on bitcoin right now. Bitcoin will be in direct competition with China's crypto which is supposedly backed by 200,000 tons of gold. Just saying…

  6. Really ..How iroNic…And didn't you just shill a couple of alt coins recently…? But I don't disagree that but coin is for the long term… I just don't see the ROI at this price range.. too expensive..There are other options for the short term 2 to 3 year range. Long term. When the government/wall street gets their greedy hands on this. Is when it will hit 100k. Because it will be mainstream

  7. The bullish reversal pattern has created room for a rally to $8,200 target as per the measured move method. On the way higher, the pair may face resistance at $7,800 (horizontal line) and the descending 100-candle average, currently at $7,200 resistance. It’s time for all to accumulate as much as possible in other to take full advantage of the imminent bull run. I am currently increasing my position by trading daily. I am not an expert trader but a smart one because I employ the services of expert traders and Caleb Easterby is the best signal provider I have come across. His signals are accurate, precise, and easy to implement in your own trades, I have grown my portfolio from 4 BTC to 12 BTC in just two weeks of using his signals. I urge investors to find suitable trade guides to guide them in their trade instead of having to do hardcore hodling alone, Caleb could be reached through WhatsApp +31 635250332 or Telegram @Easterby for more insights into bitcoin trading.

  8. Great to see your channel is folowing trends,started as altcoin maximalist when alts had ATH in early 2018,now when thay are 99% down you changed song and are bitcoin maximalist. Psychology of people is so funny.

  9. Dude, are you serious and hiding something from your listeners, what about Ripple’s Interledger Protocol, BTC will have to run through it to become efficient and fast?

  10. Am i the only one who notice that e-gold was shut down when bitcoin was created? ?
    Maybe the creator/owners stepped on .. ?

    Also XVG (Verge) is a decentralized community driven coin which cannot be shut down. The nethash is lower thats true, but multi algorithm.
    Go check it out. I know you did once, you mentioned the PH paypal problem as i mentioned. 😉

  11. very interesting point of view. I agree. I see altcoins competing to become companions of Bitcoin, radder than competing with it. Abviously Bitcoin will not be the only one. But it will be the biggest due to it's competitive advantage as a store of value. It could become a huge wealth storage for the world. If it keeps doing just that then it's fine. Altcoins that succed will be those who facilitate what Bitcoin does badly. Moving money around. I'm operating this way right now and I think many people are. And more will. So for example if I send money I don't use Bitcoin I first convert to stellar and then I send. Fees are less than a cent. The market cap of other coins will rise but not as much as Bitcoin because they will be tools for moving money. HODLing Bitcoin will make more sense than with other coins. For me is like comparing gold to fiat. You use fiat to spend but you radder hold gold for storing wealth.

  12. I didn’t realize you live in Southern California, you should know more than anybody what happens when Fiat $ lose its value. I bought my first house in Southern Cal, 1983 for $46,000. That’s what it means to be first in line to a Fiat system. I bought my second house site on scene with ocean views for 107,000. These houses did not go up in value, or dollar lost his value. My children, and grandchildren deserve better

  13. Every Fiat returns to the value of the paper it’s printed on, zero. When our Fiat system returns to zero, I would love to have a sound currency replacement. I have come to the conclusion after much studies that you will never find a sound currency in the hands of an individual, or government. Satoshi has given the greatest gift ever given to the citizens of the world, a chance to have freedom that a sound currency will offer. It is why I’m willing to be a bitcoin maximus, the citizens of the world deserve it. They manipulate I accumulate. Satoshi sells his bitcoin, and BTC returns to a dollar I accumulate. I will dollar cost average in the remainder of my life. It will not return to zero with the likes of my hands holding onto it. I suggest everybody read a bullish case for bitcoin, it will explain much better than I can add the importance of sound money. As for trade wars, I see it as trade readjustments. As Vijay stated, wealth is not printing money. Wealth is in your factories, your farms, and your services provided. We sent our manufacturing overseas auto zero tax offshore banking law. If it is a war, it’s a war against ridiculous trade deals. I love free trade! But free trade better be reciprocal. And if you are sending our manufacture a deer country it better be more than reciprocal it better be beneficial to my country.

  14. BTC will never ever hit the 1 million. The regulators, the Future traders and everyone who is manipulate BTC since times will NOT allowed it. Simple! The whole effect of BTC and what Satoshi meant is totally gone. They know what you are buying, they know how much you actually own, everything is public. Maybe not in the rest of the world but in the EU for sure.So why should BTC is worth so much? It's totally not anonymous anymore.

  15. If there is an investment as safe as Bitcoin, it is Ethereum. And on the other hand, risky investments like altcoins will be much more beneficial.

    Every investment in crypto is "risky", but whoever takes more risk, earns more. I am 100% in altcoins.

  16. If there is an investment as safe as Bitcoin, it is Ethereum. And on the other hand, risky investments like altcoins will be much more beneficial.

    Every investment in crypto is "risky", but whoever takes more risk, earns more. I have my 100% in altcoins.

  17. What's the total market capital for BTC??? $150 Billion ROFL! JPMorgans derivatives book is $50Trillion so they can buy all the BTC with chump change AD. You mess with them they will wipe you out.

  18. You noobs listen to You Tubers all you want if dont have Chainlink in your wallet you will lose. Not only other blockchains are teaming up Chainlink like Ont and Snx but outside of crypto like Google,Oracle, Microsoft are teaming with Chainlink.

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