Marques Brownlee talks about all things retro tech

YouTuber Marques Brownlee sits down with CNET’s Dan Ackerman to talk about the retro tech that inspires him and the present tech that we’ll be talking about …


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  1. I remember getting an dogitsl MP3 player when everyone was using dis man still. And like today it was ahead of the time and so easy but back then still ppl were like no I don’t want to download my stuff, doesn’t sound as good, blah blah blah I want the cd collection. Lol

  2. Yeah use Marques because he was born in the 80s and has so much first-hand experience growing up day to day with retrotech and feels nostalgic remembering his childhood.

  3. In the future all the tech in your phone will be accessed by the computer connected directly to your brain. Cell phones will be a novelty brick of metal and light you need to use your hands and actual voice to interface with. Unlike your mind interface that can show you full sensory immersion tactile response stimulation this cell phone can only show you "Videos" and play music through ear micro speakers. Cute.

  4. We had to work harder to get the tech of yesterday. Or wait till birthdays or go to the rich kids place to see tech like Atari ect. So therefore we have a lot more Nostalgia towards them.

  5. One reason why I love my Galaxy Note 9 is the stylus click. I miss old industrial design language. I think The Note series will be great to look back on in 20 years .

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