Would a Walkman work in space?

As the story in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” goes, character Peter Quill’s dying mother made him a mix called “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” that he rocked out to …


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  1. Why is he wearing gloves?
    It's literally safer to get liquid nitrogen on your barehands than on your gloves, since if you pore liquid nitrogen over your hand it will evaporate so fast that the gas will keep the fluid from touching your hand. There as if the liquid nitrogen touches the glove, the glove will cool down, and in turn cool your hand down. Then I use liquid nitrogen, I always make sure to fold my sleeves up to be safe.

  2. It can be as low as -455F in the coldest part of the space, but you know? It is in the SPACE! ? The SPACE is pretty much vacuum(not exactly but close enough) and thermal radiation is the way to transfer the heat to the "cold" SPACE, which is kinda slow for low surface area object.
    Submerge it in liquid nitrogen? ? There is conduction, convection, and radiation all happening at the same time to dissipate the heat, it cool things down way much faster than the SPACE even could.
    Besides, I think the friction and electrical resistance in the Walkman could possibly produce sufficient heat for it to work properly in the SPACE, but I'm not exactly sure whether the Walkman can work under low gravity situation or not. ?

  3. This is a dumb test – coming from a masters in mechanical engineer.

    The fact that Marques posted this part of YouTube originals on his channel shows that he is not well aware about physics, space and science related to it.

  4. Sorry MKBHD, but I think it's pretty elementary that space doesn't equal liquid nitrogen. ?. The Milano/Benatar also isn't filled with liquid nitrogen. ?. I wonder what your experiment is driving at!

  5. Well, presumably the character involved would be subjected to the same conditions as the Walkman. So if that was the case I doubt there would be a Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place.

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