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  1. Hi
    Could you track again the trading on the perspective of how many wallet produced this amount of trading?
    last time you find out the 24 volume was made between 3 wallets ( we buy bitcoin)

  2. + 700 missiles was send against US Navy in IRAN , so the war is now fact , I hope they will destroy all US bases because they are terrorists , they are not human , this bustards need to be two meters below ground !

  3. I cant take anyone serious who says none or 3/4 altcoins will make it when almost all of them are doing the same thing as one another. If that's the case only BTC will survive… ETH, XRP, LTC etc, all the projects people are speculating to outpace BTC are pointless I guess, lol There are definitely more than 4 projects out there that will do well, chill dude

  4. reversal pump right now
    have you tried LBRY . io ? Its uncensored YouTube… give it a go, my channel link is on my Twitter @DarDaMonk

  5. All eyes are on the 8k level and some crypto-experts are beginning to have more confidence in their price predictions for this year, few days ago everybody freaked out with a small drop. Now price is higher and euphoria starts again. Buy while you can because Bitcoin is here to stay!! am Hoping for an increase above 1Ok hopefully, before I sell all the profits I made from Trading. I trade with Signals and Strategies provided by Mr Wilson Jonathan who is a competent and expert trader I met in a crypto conference last year. With his Signals being implemented in my trades I have grown my portfolio to 8btc from its initial amount of 2btc in just a month and I plan to keep doing so for a very long time. His signals are topnotch , accurate, easy to implement in your own trade and the best I have used so far and he can be reached on <wilsonjonathan845@gmailcom> for his assistance on all crypto-related problems

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