MODDING THE GAME TILL IT BREAKS – Undead Development VR Gameplay

Nailing any weapon to a chainsaw makes it game breaking! Welcome to Undead Development VR, for SteamVR. Building the best weapons to take down …


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  1. Speaking about fire, r u doin ok fynn? U know, with the fires and stuff?

    1 like= 1 prayer for Australia ?? (I DONT WANT THE KOALAS AND THE KANGAROOS TO BE WIPED OFF THE PLANET ?) reply if you are worried as well (rip Australia)

  2. I always say shotguns got kick . I have several shotguns and two of them that are my biggest kick . My 10 ga. 36 inch barrel kicks hard . My Remington 870 Express Super Mag . Kicks like a mule ! Three shots from either gun will turn your shoulder black and blue . LOL

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