How Virtual Reality Will Change Us | Sarah Hill | TEDxCosmoPark

The world is no longer flat. It’s round! Sarah Hill, CEO and Chief Storyteller for StoryUP VR talks about the coming “metaverse” and how customers and …


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  1. Virtual reality had changed us for the worse. The people(s) of America and the world have AWAKENED to this, and are more and more each day!. Virtual reality will not exist in the future. People choose not to delve into technologies we shouldn't. We get back to what is good. Our communities and watch them build in real reality. People desire the real thing in life that God gave us. There will be no market for virtual reality, or anything that condition us to it such as video games etc. America and the world begin to find nature and God once again. This is our purpose, this is our cause, this is the FUTURE! Praise be to Almighty God who sits on his throne as the people(s) of the world come back to Him fully!

  2. Waw, good speaker. I love her discourse.

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are changing the way customers and businesses interact with each other.
    Can the healthcare sector take benefits from this shift? Will this be a major
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  3. Amazing talk! I'm really excited about shared experiences in VR. As a film producer, the thought of placing people inside a Movie really interests me. On a side note, the Entrem 4D system seem awesome. I wonder how they do it? I assume they use some sort of electrical stimulation.

    Anyway, VR is the future of EVERYTHING!

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