10 New Fiat Cars That Give the Best Italian Designs for Cheap in 2020

Established in 1899, Fiat is the oldest automaker from Italy, which began its production journey with a 4-horsepower automobile. I wont say that modern power figures from their makes are much higher, but it doesn’t prevent Fiat city cars from being quite popular among drivers who want to highlight their style with the unique exteriors and interiors offered by the Italians. Today we will go through the most prominent models of the 2020 lineup exploring new entries and highlighting the changes that old-time favorites are about to receive.

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#1 2020 FIAT 500X Sport

After the announced discontinuation of the 500 hatch, convertible and electric models, Fiat’s US lineup consist of only 3 cars, so to increase its versality, the company is bringing to the market a new Sport version of the 500X crossover.

#2 and #3 2020 Fiat 500 and Panda Hybrid Launch Edition

The Fiat 500 and Panda city cars are among the European leaders in their respective segments and they are becoming the first ever Fiat Chrysler automobiles to get equipped with a new gasoline mild hybrid powertrain.

#4 2020 Fiat Abarth 695 70th Anniversario

On the European market the three-door Abarth model of the beloved hatchback is represented not in one, but rather 6 configurations: the 595 range 595 standard, Turismo, Pista, Esseesse and Competizione and the top dog 695 70th Anniversario which commemorates the 70 years of Abarth’s pocket rockets.

#5 2019-2020 Fiat Centoventi Concept

Fiat vehicles might not be at the top of ratings for innovations, however, in my opinion Centoventi is one of the most progressive concepts within the EV segment.

#6 2020 Fiat Panda Trussardi

Having a reputation of a city-car and a rather capable off-roader, this year, the 2020 Fiat Panda is getting an all-new luxury iteration, called Panda Trussardi.

#7 2020 Fiat Ducato Electric

2020 Fiat Ducato Electric premiered in summer 2019, and its market launch is planned for mid-2020. It will be available in the same body styles as the regular Ducato, offering from 353 to 600 cubic feet of cargo volume.

#8 2020 Fiat Abarth 595 Pista

On the European market the three-door Abarth model of the beloved hatchback is represented not in one, but rather 5 configurations: standard 595, Turismo, PIsta, Esseesse, and the top dog Competizione. Out of this bunch, the middle level 595 Pista is being thoroughly refreshed for the 2020.

#9 2020 Fiat 500L

2020 Fiat 500L is available in just 3 trim levels, Pop, Trekking, and Lounge, while the last year’s Urbana Edition is no longer on offer.

#10 2020 Fiat 124 Spider

Even though the Spider has been stuck in Limbo for the past 5 years Fiat’s lineup review cannot be complete without featuring this convertible. It is currently represented by 4 trims Classica, Urbana, Lusso and Abarth.


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