Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

Galaxy S20 Ultra is the “pro” of Samsung’s lineup. Galaxy S10 and S20+: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. S20 Ultra would be my choice but after seeing the price…. I'm boycotting Samsung this year and I'm someone who buys a new phone every time a new samsung phone comes out.

  2. In my line of work, that 100x zoom will keep me from having to get on a ladder or lift most of the time, wow. I’m an iPhone guy so Apple better come with it in 2020, or…………….

  3. I literally started the first video, saw that there was a specific S20 Ultra video, came here, now I'm being sent back to the first video. Sigh. brb I guess.

  4. Note9 User here. Mine has the 8gb or RAM and 512gb of storage in Thanos purple, lol. I'm going to try to wait on the Note20 but if not, the S20 Ultra will suffice. I like the best or nothing.

  5. Marques, hi, first comment here from Portugal! Great vid as always! But you have a small tipo on video description: s10 and s20+? 🙂 but great work, never miss one ep

  6. Samsung s20 series : I have largest battery
    M30s:excuse me? ?okay count me in too big bro…..

    Apple :ok ok he got the point but I have good battery which can last long one day…

    Asus rog phone : am i joke to u???

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