Bitcoin Hits $10,000 | Altcoins Continue To Rally

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What are your thoughts on what we discussed? What are your thoughts on the recent break above $10,000? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like, subscribing, and ringing the bell icon.

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  1. Hey. Thank you for the very interesting video! You coolly write a video about cryptocurrencies, in the know about the news in the cryptocurrency world. Do you know about Prizm cryptocurrency, did you consider it? Prizm cryptocurrency is the first currency in the world to create and implement “paramining” technology, which allows all prizm cryptocurrency holders to participate in coin mining without the use of additional equipment (farms) and energy costs! I highly recommend it. Unlike Bitcoin and the like, Prizm grows in your wallet in the amount of 10-30% per month. She has the cheapest transfer between wallets anywhere in the world.

  2. Het mate, thanks for your videos on link. Very strong use case. My only concern is team got huge amount of tokens which brings risk of sudden dump.
    Wud be great to get your views on this or if you can invite someone from link to tespi d on such queries

  3. The new week long range will be 9800-10200
    From 8600-8900 to 92-9500
    Nice healthy corrections with dips not falling below the previous week’s resistance. As a HODLer and swing trader, I love seeing the resistance levels get higher week after week.

  4. Hi Nick, I thank You for your time. If you want to show the world GFC, have a look at Zinc LME stock level,… and figure the rest of the up. We are near. All this spikes in Equity/Stock is becoming overwhelming that is because it is suppose to and get late buys burnt at near end of the cycle. Correction is required to re invest again.

  5. China has quarantined almost half its population…if this keeps up for another month its gonna hurt global supply chains….not to mention consumers from china not travelling and the demand of oil will go down. You won't see the real effects of the virus until 1st and 2nd quarter earnings

  6. ???? Daily reminder that Sam Bankman Fried (Alameda Research CEO) told everyone to sell their Bitcoin stack @ $6400 , along with Alessio, Tone Vays & Angelo BTC. Do not listen to any of these people ????

  7. great video as usual… i think the real impact which not many crytpotubers address in relation to the corona virus is the impact on BITCOIN MINING FARMS in CHINA… workers for those farms not being able to go to work etc… BTC price is affected by this but i would expect BTC to drop drastically when the virus moves on and bans are lifted in china… just sayin :).. and ya of course i can totally be wrong and i'm ok with it…we will see 🙂

  8. Should I average in into Link and some plays? Already set up a position after your recommendation that works well, hm. I will think about this for a bit.
    Also does anyone know if there is a company that works on an governance token? Something that could help to improve democracy on the long run?

  9. Just a thought experiment. Market capitalization of silver (as a financial investment) is approx .5 to 1 trillion (challenging to pinpoint, it's quite volatile like BTC) and it's S2F is approximately similar to BTC based on the chart you show. Let's take BTC's current market cap at 180bln or .18 to .36 of silver’s give or take at a price of 10k. Then when BTC reaches identical S2F to gold, which has a market capitalization of around 8 trillion, maintaining a ratio of .18 to .36 of that of gold’s market cap as it has with silver now will put bitcoin's market cap at 1.5-2.9 trillion. That’s centering on a 10x, so by extrapolating, BTC’s price target would center on 100k. Probably some of these quantities are not very accurate or completely up to date but it's interesting to think that there is a lot of room for price growth purely because of scarcity.

  10. Excellent as always Nic, thank you. Do you think (…not financial advice….) probability of bitcoin drop to 21 day average, 9200 ish is high based upon historical pattern which has repeated multiple times right before upburst?. And I agree with J Lancer…t shirt episode:

    blood in the streets

    Rokon dude!

  11. And as soon as it hit $10k, it drops down under 10K. It has done this now for 2 years . And it didn't smash through it trickled through because the market is reacting to the coronavirus.

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