Tom Lee | Get Ready for Bitcoin's Price Explosion

Bitcoin finally broke sentiment $10,000 price point, but not for too long. Despite the short term volatility it has a huge long term upside potential. In this video a notorious bitcoin bull Tom Lee will explain how bitcoin can reach up to $10 million per btc.

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  1. First of all a great clip and great fundamentals been shown. Well done.

    Everything is possible, 10M would be a massive hike though compared to where BTC stands today. However I strongly believe within the next 2.5 years it will reach 170-175K. This is a realistic figure folks and I can only encourage you to jump on it now. Today we reached a golden cross and you potentially will see a hike of 40-160% within the next 2 months.
    I’m not in any means a financial advisor but I read and see and you should not go blind and ride the train now it’s a golden opportunity.

  2. This is nice, i have been trading on Binance and my profit so far is mind blowing
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  3. I truly believe in a "$1 mln BTC in 5 years… All the indicators point this out… It is only logical… People will not trust banks and governments after 2020

  4. facebook ipo was $38… it's done 5x since then…

    netflix ipo was $15… it's done 25x since then…

    apple ipo was $22… it's done 14x since then…

    google ipo was $85… it's done 17x since then…

    i think set & forget investment is unlikely to make u a millionaire..rather education+capital

  5. Could be possible and more remember a lot of millennials are waiting for billions of dollars in heritage from theirs parents that one day they will pass away plus in the future millennials will be in charge of governmental power and there’s only 21 m BTC guys the world is changing welcome to future invest now enjoy it later.

  6. my btc price prediction, i admit cannot believe it myself but this is my take on this topic 2026=24k; 2030=70k; 2040=1.9M; 2051=53M; 2065=4.3B; 2090=9.4T

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  8. m good at watching.
    Have a good time
    Let's move forward until the day we all succeed.

    If you subscribe to YouTube and subscribe to me, you can share the Korean coin situation at that time.

  9. tom lee is an idiot. bitcoin will never hit 1m+ because that figure requires massive institution adoption which won't happen because of govt crackdown.

  10. Bitcoin’s bulls are currently expressing extreme strength as they hold the crypto above the key $10,000 level, and it now appears that BTC is gearing up for its next major movement that could send it significantly higher with a target at $13,000 before the halving due date. It's an indication to keep accumulating bitcoins now that it is still affordable and within the purchasing power of the ordinary person. My strategy though has been trading and I have seen exponential growth using Wallace Houte’s trading strategy back by his most accurate trade signals and within 1 month, I had made over $61,000 having started with just 2 btc. This is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so appreciative of his unrivaled service and can be reached on WhatsAap (+44 7727427929) or Telrgram (wallhoute) for inquiries about his trading service

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