3 Cool Gadgets That'll Improve Your Life (or won't)

Sony Tough SD Card (USA Link) – https://amzn.to/2vh4Z9o Sony Tough SD Card (International) – https://geni.us/BlB3Wj FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR …


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  1. I always enjoy how YouTubers justify buying $50,000 Computers and Cameras and other insane Stuff by saying that they can't afford to lose their data or how they need 8K so they can crop in. You're opening boxes Lew, and it's no more or less entertaining then when you did it on a $1000 DSLR in Full HD from a room in your house.

  2. The last time I paid that much for something that small, I was getting married…

    Although it would make sense that Lew might propose with an SD Card.

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