BITCOIN Begins its BOUNCE! Chainlink Secrets Revealed!?

BITCOIN bounces off of support!! Was this the last shakeout before the real moon? Looking into the macroeconomic factors, that are bubbling once again like the housing market & the effect of a global pandemic. Chico Crypto thinks, yes it was. Also, we dive into some research regarding Chainlink crypto, Linklaters, Accord Project & More. Big news for $LINK? Then we dive into Telos and their growing ecosystem of dapps & finish it off with Justin Sun, getting REKT by the Steem community!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro: Hate to Love Us Like Reindeer?
00:54 Bitcoin Falls off A Cliff!? Altcoin Altseason Obliteration
02:34 Crypto & Gold Bounce Back As Finance 1.0 Tumbles
03:27 Housing Bubble 2.0 Near?
05:02 Finance 1.0 Will Become Tied to DeFi
05:36 Chainlink Holds its Stank
06:05 NEO vs Chainlink
06:24 Smart Legal Contracts: Linklaters
07:02 Linklaters, ISDA, Blockchain & Oracles
07:58 Turnings the ISDA into An Oracle?
08:19 The Accord Project & Chainlink & Linklaters
09:13 Joshua Ashley Klayman & The Wall St Blockchain Alliance
10:01 Her Ties to EEA, IC3, ISDA & Accord
10:16 The Chainlink Connections & Legal Smart Contracts
11:20 Introduction to Telos
12:15 Telos dAPP Explosion
14:48 Justin Sun Gets Soft Foked by the Steem Community
16:01 Outro

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  1. Great video, Chico Crypto, except the correlation coefficient clearly shows that Bitcoin (BTC) is far more in line with the stock markets than with Gold. See the Correlation Coefficient indicator for yourself on TradingView. It's free. Don't trust. Verify. 🙂

  2. If the markets crash that will effect the value of the USD since most people use USD to buy BTC then BTC will cost more to buy. Also Gold just took a huge drop, perhaps in preparation of a huge step up to come but we will have to see. BTC is hardly moving, just following it's pattern it can't always climb it sometimes has to drop before it climbs. In the next month or two we approach the most important point in recent BTC history. We are becoming squeezed between the largest support and resistance, one huge triangle that has formed over the years.
    Who knows, it could pump but it could also dump!

  3. It looked like it was going to breakout of the downwards pattern but then nowit looks like it's dropped through again and we might see a double bounce at recent levels. BTC is getting squashed into a corner of resistance vs support over the next month or two and i expect we will soon see where this is going. Probably after a large failed break in either direction.

  4. Hello everyone this is another great video bud! Really glad you are back and keep ng us in the loop. It quite clear that BTC is an accumulating crypto, leading to the next uptrend/ bull market, with all the knowledgeable speculations  in the crypto community it will never cease to stop inflating with time. I do have a great experience and impact thats proven reliable to guide you through crypto trading, I speak of Sylvia Allen her professional attributes help me make € 18,000 trading with an  initial deposit of € 5000 investment I am trading with an accurate signal to enhance my ROI  you can get in touch with her through ××× sylviaallenfo@ gmail-com ×××× now I have my own personal coins now I am making good profits this is the only fun I have in trading.

  5. As much as I like your vids, I'm glad I take your 'personal views' with a huge grain of salt or I might have sold all my APL which has just gone over it's CDE price while BTC is still down.

  6. Without any doubt, the year started very nice for cryptocurrency and mostly for the leading crypto asset Bitcoin which was able to reach to trade above $10,000 against the US dollars twice. However, the entire market seems to experience some downtrend behaviour and bitcoin is not left out which is seen my most crypto enthusiast as a very good buy zone, although a lot of traders are in great fear and panic if to sell or continue to hold. For me, i see the panic worthless if it can't yield any positive result, as a trader we have to make use of every market price as an advantage mostly when there is a working strategy/daily signals. Well it is still very positive and profitable for me because i was smart enough to find myself a Mentor known as Steven Curtis he is a pro trader who also specialises in providing trading signals with his unique strategy which i have been trading with since the last bear market, during my first month of using his signals i was able to grow my 1.2btc to 7btc by trading actively which you would agree is a very good profits. Why not buy at this rate and trade with Steve's daily signals so as to build a very strong portfolio, He can be reach via *Whatspp: +13617177129 and Telgram @ steve_signals247 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  7. So when Bitcoin followed the stock market down it wasn't tied to stocks, but when it followed gold down it was tied to gold. Thanks, buddy.

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