Here's Your Smartphone in 2030

Only 10 years ago, cell phones were equipped with a measly 5-megapixel camera, a low screen resolution, and 3G Internet. Blew our minds back then, but now …


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  1. These "discs" that are going to replace memory, are they gonna be more like a mechanical drive(which would be horrible. Drop your phone once, it's over. Just go get a new one at that point) or like an SSD?

  2. Some are possible at the year 2030, self driving taxi is already under development, wireless charger is already a thing, folding screen is already a thing, BUT TRANSPARENT SCREENS REQUIRE MORE THAN 10 YEARS TO DEVELOP.

  3. It seems like your sharing another "This will happen in the next ten years" that will not come true. It is possible but 2030 is not the year, few more decades are needed.

  4. Ok, now I'm starting to realize that this video conveys a lot of overexaggerated and misleading information. 5 g is still taking its time due to lack of infrastructure.

  5. It will take a lot of time, money and effort and requires very precise engineering as well as physics, chemistry and math to do the job.

  6. Transparent screen won't be available by 2030, it's possible and it is the future but it will still take decades of research and development to make it in the market.

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