The Galaxy S20 Ultra Powered Laptop!

The NexDock allows your Samsung Galaxy smartphone (this video features Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra) to power a laptop style device. FOLLOW ME IN …


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  1. All I ever wish for is a GPU-less laptop with a docking capability to a fullspeed PCIe lane to plugin a strong GPU.. that's all I ever and always wish for.

  2. I am very interested in this. I have been wanting this for ages. Can you do a more beefy work load? What kind of productivity can you do on it?

  3. Samsung should release a Galaxy that is dual loaded with Windows. On a phone it's not very useful but it's rather powerful in combination with DeX.

    You'd have an Android phone with full windows ready to run. When you dock and switch to Windows, you'll have full windows with an Android overlay. You'd still be able to access your apps, make phone calls and all other mobile features while using Windows.

    With Windows 10X around the corner it can even be functional in phone mode, and not drain the battery too crazy. But you can always turn of the Windows 10 and have regular Android.

    The combination of Android and Windows (working together) in one device is very powerful. Especially for professionals with DeX based laptops and desktops.

  4. The reason because this product will fail
    – If a person buy high end smartphone they will probably buy MacBook or any other laptop

  5. I was just using Samsung DeX to display X cloud on my TV while I played with an xbox controller. I'm excited to see where ideas like DeX take technology.

  6. Not a new idea, but a good execution. There have been Ras Pi "laptops" before, and Razer put out a "laptop" that was just a bigger, more accessible interface, that had their Razer phone slot in and act as the touchpad. This isn't too bad, just makes it easier to use the phone.

    Many of us don't do a lot on a computer that we don't just do on a phone, so for those it would be reasonable. It will come to an end fast though, when manufacturers start making apps for existing brands that allow any laptop to do the same.

  7. Damn… That, with that emulated version of Linux you can run on Android, I wonder if it will work stably as a full desktop environment

  8. It's the Motorola Atrix all over again!

    Which was a product I loved the idea of, unfortunately it was never implemented well.

    I could get into this if executed properly, and at a reasonable price.

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